Training Committee

The SVDIP Training Committee is an interdisciplinary team comprised of licensed clinical psychologists, a board-certified psychiatrist and a neurologist.  Members include:

Cynthia Murphy, PsyD, MBA Director of Internship Training/Intern Supervisor — Dr. Murphy received her PsyD from Antioch University, New England and her MBA from Columbia University.  She has been working at the Memory Clinic for 13 years.  Dr. Murphy is responsible for organizing and implementing all aspects of the program.  She also serves as an intern supervisor.

Diana Michalczuk, PsyD, Chief Psychologist/Intern Supervisor — Dr. Michalczuk is a  licensed psychologist who received her PsyD from Midwestern University and completed her Postdoctoral fellowship training at The Memory Clinic. In addition to her clinical work at the Memory Clinic, she is an adjunct professor at Southern Vermont College.  She serves as an intern supervisor and provides interns with didactic training on the neuropsychology of dementia and neurodegenerative disorders.

Paul Solomon, PhD, Intern Supervisor — Dr. Solomon received his PhD from University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is one of the original founders of the Memory Clinic.  He has been providing care for individuals with memory impairments for over 25 years and has published over 150 articles researching diagnosis and treatment of memory disorders.  Dr. Solomon is responsible for providing didactics and serves as an intern supervisor.

Lisa Catapano-Friedman, MD, Medical Director — Dr. Catapano-Friedman received her MD from Tufts University and has been working at the Memory Clinic as a board-certified psychiatrist for 10 years.  She provides interns with didactic training in assessment, evaluation and differential diagnosis of psychiatric illness.

Andrew Budson, MD, Neurologist — Dr. Budson received his MD from Harvard Medical School and has been working at The Memory Clinic for over 12 years.  He is a board-certified neurologist who conducts neurological examinations and diagnostic evaluations of MRI imaging findings for new patients referred to The Memory Clinic. He provides didactic training to interns.

Mary Pat Mazzola, MA, Clinical Psychologist — Ms. Mazzola is a licensed psychologist who has provided evaluative and therapeutic intervention to patients diagnosed with dementia for over 10 years.  She serves on the Training Committee.