The Memory Clinic

The Southern Vermont Doctoral Internship in Psychology (SVDIP) is operated in conjunction with Clinical Neuroscience Research Associates (d/b/a The Memory Clinic) in Bennington, Vermont. The Memory Clinic was established in 1987. Since its inception, the Memory Clinic has focused on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of neurodegenerative disorders.

Memory Clinic Mission Statement

The overall mission of The Memory Clinic is to provide a comprehensive system of care to adults with cognitive problems due to age or illness by offering education, prevention, early intervention and treatment to our patients and their families. The clinic strives to attain the highest quality of care by merging medical and psychological services. Innovative diagnostic and treatment services are provided to individuals with memory impairments associated with neurological conditions as well as psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety. Our patient’s dignity and privacy are paramount and protected with the utmost vigilance. We strive to provide an atmosphere that ensures comfort for our patients and their families, while respecting their individual and cultural differences.

Quality healthcare for our patients and their families begins with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. Once a diagnosis is  determined, all available treatment options, including approved medications and experimental treatments, are discussed with the patients and their families. Because of our participation in clinical research, we are often able to offer our patients access to the latest scientific and medical advances. Patients and their families who elect not to participate in clinical research are treated with the standard of care, including appropriate therapeutic agents.