Southern Vermont Doctoral Internship in Psychology

The Southern Vermont Doctoral Internship in Psychology (SVDIP) strives to provide interns with a diverse, well-rounded training experience leading to the development of an autonomously practicing professional psychologist.  The goals of the training program are to promote the development of competencies in assessment and diagnosis, treatment planning, intervention and consultation, cultural sensitivity and awareness, ethics and professional development, and critical analysis of research.  This is accomplished through participation in didactics, working with patients and interacting with our multi-disciplinary team, comprised of licensed psychologists (doctorate and masters level), board-certified psychiatrists and neurologists, a nurse, and a nationally registered EMT. 

Training goals and objectives are achieved by supervised experience in: 1.) completing semi-structured intake interviews and standardized psychological assessments  2.) scoring and interpreting data from assessments, 3.) preparing comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, 4.) establishing hypothesis-driven diagnoses and formulating treatment recommendations, 5.) conducting psychotherapy utilizing evidenced-based treatment practices 6.) critically reviewing research and 7.) attending training seminars and conferences discussing scientific advancements in assessment and intervention related to psychological and neurological dysfunction.

For additional information, please see the Internship Handbook (SVDIP Internship Handbook) and visit

Each intern will receive training in the following domains:

  • Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Treatment Planning, Intervention and Consultation
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Awareness
  • Ethics and Professional Development
  • Critical Analysis of Scholarly Research