Internship Evaluations

Interns are evaluated using a structured questionnaire created by the SVDIP program to assess the core competencies expected to be developed during the internship year.  Competencies are evaluated three times during the training year: at the beginning, midway through and at the completion of internship.  Both the intern and his/her supervisor complete evaluations.  The results are evaluated in terms of strengths and weaknesses and the training is modified accordingly to encourage development of competencies in areas where weaknesses are identified.  At both the midpoint and end of year evaluation, the Internship Director will provide a letter to the intern’s Clinical Director indicating, the intern’s current level of progress in competencies set forth by the internship. It is expected by the end of the internship, 100% of the competencies will be rated at least at the high intermediate skill level.

Interns are also asked to rate their supervisors and the overall internship program using the Evaluation of the Internship Training Program form. This occurs midway through and at the end of the training year. Feedback from the interns regarding the program is solicited continuously throughout the year.

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