Application Procedure

Policies for Intern Selection

Applicants should have completed all of the coursework required for the PhD or PsyD degree in an APA-accredited doctoral program in Clinical or Counseling Psychology and have had supervised clinical practicum training adequate and appropriate for a Scientist-Practitioner model internship. The program has no minimum requirement for face-to-face clinical experience; however, we encourage applicants to have completed at least 600 hours. Ideal applicants have passed comprehensive or qualifying examinations and have defended their dissertation proposal. Applicants should submit three letters of recommendation, two from past supervisors familiar with the applicant’s skills and interests and one from their academic advisor or mentor.  Two written work samples are also required: a neuropsychological testing report and a treatment report are preferred.  Applicants should express interest in specific training opportunities offered by our internship, highlighting related experience and goals when possible.

We emphasize that the internship demands maturity, motivation, autonomy and clearly defined goals. Applicants should submit the APPIC Application form.  We prefer candidates who have completed all or almost all requirements for their degree (PhD or PsyD), have outstanding letters of recommendations (top third or better of class), have completed 2-3 years of practicum experience and are a good fit for our program.  In ranking candidates, we are particularly attentive to the fit of the applicant’s interest focus, cumulative experience and career goals with our resources and opportunities.

We adhere to all APPIC requirements in meeting, interviewing and considering candidates for our internship program. The following steps are taken from the time the completed application is received to the final ordering of applicants:

  1. The Director of Internship Training (i.e., Internship Director) and Training Committee read and review all applications. Based on the prospective intern’s credentials and our judgment of goodness of fit, decisions are made regarding extending an invitation to interview.
  2. Selected applicants are invited to interview in December and/or January. Each candidate participates in two to three individual interviews with members of the Training Committee and other key staff members. The prospective applicants then meet with the current intern group in order to obtain unencumbered and uncensored feedback from the interns who have “first-hand” experience with all aspects of the program.  Due to the nature of our location, we will work with each invited applicant to arrange a convenient date and time of interview.
  3. Interviewers complete a rating form describing the applicant’s strengths, weaknesses and goodness of fit between the candidate and our program. All interviewers then meet as a group to share impressions of the candidates and to determine a final ranking.
  4. The Training Committee reviews ranked lists of candidates for inclusion in the computerized match.

Applications for the upcoming internship year will be accepted until December 1st.

The Southern Vermont Doctoral Internship in Psychology uses the APPIC system. Use the following program name when searching for this doctoral internship site: Southwestern Vermont Psychology Consortium. As part of our transition to obtain APA accreditation, the name of this doctoral internship site has transitioned to the Southern Vermont Doctoral Internship in Psychology (SVDIP). Please see the APPIC website and follow the procedures for application to internship sites.